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Below is a list of all the companies whose products we sell.

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Product Category

AC Lighting Lighting > Special Effects
Ace Backstage Audio > Accessories
Acolyte Tools > Lighting
Acoustone Audio > Miscellaneous
ACT Lighting Lighting > Special Effects
Adaptive Technologies Group Audio > Rigging
AKG Acoustics Audio > Microphone
Allen Products Audio
Altman Stage Lighting Lighting > Stage
Alva's Dance Dance Equipment
American DJ Lighting > Special Effects
Anvil Cases Road Cases
Apollo Design Technology Lighting > Special Effects
Applied Electronics Truss and Ground Support
Arri Lighting and Grip Lighting > Television Video
Ashly Audio Audio > Processing
ASL Intercom  
Atlas-Soundolier Audio > Speakers
ATM Flyware Audio > Miscellaneous
Audex Assistive Lighting Audio
Audio-Technica Audio
Audix Audio
Automatic Devices Co. Scenic > Drape Track
Baxter Controls Dimming and Control > Control
Ben Nye Make Up
Bits & Bobs  
BlissLight Lighting > Special Effects
Bongoties Expendables > Miscellaneous
Brightline Lighting > Television Video
BTX Window Automation Scenic > Drape Track
  California Flameproofing  
Cast Lighting Tools > Software
Checkers Industrial Lighting > Power Distribution
Chimera Lighting > Television Video
CineBags, Inc. Tools
CITC Special Effects > Fog / Haze / Mist
City Theatrical Lighting > Accessories
  Claude Heintz Design Tools > Software
Clay Paky Lighting > Automated
Colortran Lighting > Stage
Countryman Associates Audio > Microphone
Crescit Software Tools > Software
Crest Audio > Amplifier
Crouse Hinds Dimming and Control > Power Distribution
Crown Audio > Microphone
Custom Electronic Industries Audio
Daktronics Rigging and Scoreboards
Da-Lite Screen Company Projection Screens
Dandux Scenic > Miscellaneous
DAS Sound Products Audio
dbx Professional Products Audio
Demand Products Tools > Scenic
Denon Electronics Audio > Playback
Desisti Lighting Lighting > Television Video
Diversitronics, Inc. Special Effects > Strobe
Doug Fleenor Designs Dimming and Control > DMX Devices
Dove Systems Dimming and Control
Draper Screen Company Projection Screens
Duracell Expendables > Batteries
EAW(Eastern Acoustic Works) Audio
Elation Lighting > Special Effects
Lighting > LED
Electro-Voice Audio > Microphone
Elektralite Dimming and Control > Control
Entertainment Technology Dimming and Control
Enttec Dimming and Control > DMX Devices
ETA Systems Dimming and Control > Accessories
ETC (Electronic Theater Controls) Lighting > Stage
Field Template Tools > Lighting
Focal Press Tools > Books
Furman Sound Audio > Accessories
Future Light Lighting > Accessories
GAM Products Lighting > Special Effects
Gel Services, Inc. (Wybron) Gel Strings > Wybron Parts & Support
Genie Industries Truss and Ground Support
Goddard Design Dimming and Control > DMX Devices
Griplock Systems  
Group One Ltd. Lighting > Automated
Grundorf Corporation Road Cases
H&H Specialties Scenic > Drape Track
High End Systems Lighting > Automated
HM Electronics - HME  
Hosa Technology Audio > Accessories
Hotwire Direct Scenic > Miscellaneous
Innovative Systems Scenic
Interactive Technologies Dimming and Control > DMX Devices
Intertape Expendables > Tape
J.R. Clancy Scenic > Hardware
James Thomas Engineering Truss and Ground Support
Jands Dimming and Control > Control
JBL Professional Products Audio > Speakers
Johnson Systems Dimming and Control > Control
Kee Klamp Scenic > Hardware
KlarkTeknik Audio
KW/2 PrimeTime Lighting > Television Video
Lavi Industries Scenic > Crowd Control
Le Maitre Special Effects > Pyrotechnics
Special Effects > Fog / Haze / Mist
Special Effects > Snow
LEE Filters Expendables > Filters / Gel
Leprecon Dimming and Control
Leviton Lighting > Accessories
Lex Products Dimming and Control > Power Distribution
Lightronics Dimming and Control
Littlite Tools > Dimming and Control
Lowel-Light Lighting > Photographic
Luxtrol Dimming and Control > Installation Dimmers
Lycian Stage Lighting Lighting > Followspot
MA Lighting Dimming and Control > Control
Marantz Audio > Playback
Martin Professional Lighting > Automated
MDG Special Effects > Fog / Haze / Mist
Mehron Make Up
Meteor Lighting > Special Effects
Middle Atlantic Products Audio > Rack
Mighty Bright  
Milos Structural Systems Truss and Ground Support
Morpheus Lights Lighting > Special Effects
MSE (Matthews Studio Equipment) Lighting > Accessories
Musson Theatrical Scenic
Mutual Hardware Corporation Scenic > Hardware
National Specialty Lighting Special Effects > Rope Light
Neutrik Audio > Accessories
New England Ropes Scenic
New York Fire-Shield  
NSI Dimming and Control
O.A. Windsor Company Lighting > Power Distribution
Omnimount Audio > Miscellaneous
Optikinetics Limited Special Effects > Bubbles
Osram Expendables > Lamps
Pathway Connectivity Dimming and Control > DMX Devices
Pelican Cases Road Cases
Performance Electric Dimming and Control > Power Distribution
Performance Solutions Special Effects
  Permacel Expendables > Tape
Phoebus Company Lighting > Followspot
Phonic Ear, Inc.  
Photoflex Photographic
Point Source Audio Audio > Microphone
Preferred Seating Seating
Prism Projection  
Pro Cyc, Inc. Scenic > Background
Pro Tapes and Specialties Expendables > Tape
Pulsar Light Special Effects > Strobe
QSC Audio Audio > Processing
Rane Audio
Reel EFX Special Effects > Fog / Haze / Mist
Rip-Tie Expendables > Miscellaneous
Robert Juliat  
Rosco Laboratories, Inc. Expendables
Sabine Audio > Processing
Sand Networks Dimming and Control > DMX Devices
Sculptural Arts Coatings Scenic > Paint
Seating Concepts Seating
Selecon Lighting > Stage
Sennheiser Audio > Microphone
Setwear Tools > Gloves
SGM Light Technology Lighting > Automated
Shore Manufacturing Special Effects > Confetti
Shure Brothers Audio > Microphone
Sico North America, Inc.  
SKB Cases Road Cases
Sony Audio > Microphone
Sound Ideas Audio
Soundcraft Audio > Mixers
Spanset Scenic > Hardware
  Special FX Lighting, Inc. Special Effects
Specialty Tapes Expendables > Tape
SSRC Dimming and Control > Power Distribution
Staging Concepts Stages and Risers > Platforms
Stewart Filmscreen Projection Screens
Strand Lighting Dimming and Control
Streamer Effects Special Effects > Confetti
Strong International Lighting > Followspot
Superior Electric Company Dimming and Control
Superior Studio Specialties Photographic > Background
Switchcraft Audio > Accessories
Sylvania Expendables > Lamps
Tascam Audio > Playback
Teatronics Dimming and Control
Technomad Audio > Speakers
TEI Electronics Special Effects > Miscellaneous
Tele-Q Audio > Miscellaneous
The Light Source Lighting > Accessories
Thomas and Betts Scenic > Hardware
Thorn Lighting, Inc. Expendables > Lamps
Times Square Lighting Lighting > Architectural
Titan Laboratories Expendables
TMB Lighting > Accessories
Tomcat Truss and Ground Support
Total Structures Truss and Ground Support
TPR Enterprises, Ltd. Lighting > Special Effects
TriLite Special Effects > Beacons
Ultimate Support Systems Lighting > Accessories
Ultratec Special Effects Special Effects > Bubbles
Special Effects > Fog / Haze / Mist
Special Effects > Snow
Union Connector, Inc. Lighting > Accessories
Ushio America, Inc. Expendables > Lamps
Van San Corporation Scenic > Lectern / Podium
Vari*Lite Lighting > Automated
Videssence Lighting > Television Video
Vue-More Mfg. Special Effects > Mirror Balls
Wenger Corporation Stages and Risers > Platforms
Westcott Photographic
Whirlwind Audio > Accessories
Wildfire Special Effects > Blacklight
Wybron Effects > Spare Parts
Yamaha Audio > Mixers
Zero 88 Dimming and Control > Control