Employee Contact List

Authorized ETC Field Service Technician
Eos Family Trainer (factory trained)
ETCP Certified - Theatre Rigging
ETCP Certified - Arena & Theatre Rigging
ETCP Certified - Entertainment Electrician
Authorized Strand Lighting Field Service Technician
  David Rimerman
x 225 drimerman@musson.com Vice President, Systems Group
  David Lindberg x 241 dlindberg@musson.com Sales  |  Audio Systems Specialist
  Todd Fouyer
x 227 tfouyer@musson.com Sales
  Kimberly Wood x 239 kwood@musson.com Sales
  Cristi Terry x 228 cterry@musson.com Sales
  Chris Larson
x 229 clarson@musson.com Tech Support  |  Website Design & Development
  Linnie McIntyre x 223 linnie@musson.com Rentals  |  Production Services
  Chris Parrish x 246 cparrish@musson.com Rentals
  Dan Pham x 246 dpham@musson.com Rentals
  Bryan Castaneda   bcastaneda@musson.com Rentals
  Ian Benak x 242 ibenak@musson.com Rentals  |  Repair
  John Garey
x 237 jgarey@musson.com Field Service  |  Repair
  Bob Downs x 226 bdowns@musson.com President
  Dinna Myers   dmyers@musson.com Director of Marketing & Business Development
  Carolyn Kendrick x 222 ckendrick@musson.com Customer Service  |  Purchasing
  Stephanie Takahashi x 224 stakahashi@musson.com Accounts Payable
  Amanda Shurley x 244 ashurley@musson.com Accounts Receivable
  Richard Williams x 234 rwilliams@musson.com Shipping and Receiving
  Felicia Schaffer x 221 fschaffer@musson.com Reception | Office Assistant
  Michael Howden
x 233 mhowden@musson.com Senior Project Manager
  Jacob Loretto
x 230 jloretto@musson.com Project Management  |  Retail Installs
  Willie Meserve x 243 wmeserve@musson.com Retail Installs
  Galen Kinross   gkinross@musson.com Retail Installs
  Nels Nelson x 248 jnelson@musson.com Scene Shop Manager
  Jessica Nelson x 247 jnelson@musson.com Scenic Artist  |  Electrician