i-Marc 200 Followspot

Manufactured By: Phoebus

SKU Number: 03-8950

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Price: $3,150.00 / each
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i-Marc 200 Followspot

Product Description

The energy efficient i-Marc 200 features an aluminum housing on a steel chassis, variable focal length lens system and mechanical dowser and iris.  At the heart of the compact, lightweight i-Marc is the SMR-202/D1 high intensity DC arc lamp.  This exceptional 2000 hour lamp is rated at only 200 watts but delivers a lumen output superior to conventional 1000 watt followspots.

Weighing 60lbs (including base) and measuring only 28.5" in length, the i-Marc 200 sets a new standard for key lighting the moving performer.  At 75' the i-Marc 200 can produce an eye popping 260 foot candles of smooth field, 5600 Kelvin illumination.  The SMR DC lamp is axially mounted in a dichroic reflector and delivers flicker free operation throughout it's 2000 hour life.  Driven by a medical grade electronic ballast mounted within the unit, the lamp reaches full brightness in under 30 seconds and will restrike within 30 seconds.

Super quiet cooling and low power consumption make the i-Marc a perfect fit for small theater applications where compact size is a must.  Affordable, durable and versatile, the new i-Marc is without a doubt the most the cost efficient followspot on the market today.

• Throws from 25-150 feet
• 3:1 zoom range
• Quiet, cool operation
• Six-color color changer
• Steep 70° downward tilt and 60° upward tilt
• Full 360° horizontal sweep
• Uses a 2000 hour IM200 Lamp (not included)
• Uses 7 amps at 120V

Includes: Castered stand (lamp not included)