MFader3 Color Mixing Scroller (7.5")

Manufactured By: Morpheus Lights

SKU Number: 04-30392

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Price: $1,975.00 / each
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MFader3 Color Mixing Scroller  (7.5")

Product Description

The Morpheus ColorFader3 uses Continuous Color Control, choose the source and beam you want – then make smooth transitions from whatever color you select, to any other color.  Continuous Color Control means an unlimited selection of colors that you can dial up from your DMX-512 console and fine-tune with precision.  Simple gel scrollers lock you into the limited choices on the color scroll.  To cross-fade you need two fixtures, or you can be forced to go dark on a fixture to get past undesired colors.  With ColorFader3 you're never concerned with gel string position - the three independently controlled gel strings let you make smooth, full-color transitions directly from any color to any color, anytime.  Two-scroll "color mixing" scrollers cannot do this without passing through unwanted colors.

ColorFader3 is the fastest color mixing scroller for conventional luminaires.  Each of the three independently controlled scrolls is six aperture widths long - so they need to move a substantially shorter distance to go from clear to full saturated color than other systems do.  Shorter gel-strings can move faster… much faster or, if noise level is a concern, they can move quieter… much quieter… because there's 40% less gel to move.

MFader3 has a 7.5" round aperture to fit PAR64-type fixtures (Source Four PAR or Zoom), Compact Ellipsoidal fixtures with wider-angle lenses and medium Fresnels.  It's single, variable-speed fan is DMX addressable and can be remotely controlled from any console.

• Now features remote variable-speed DMX fan control which can be assigned to any DMX-512 channel.