Midget Followspot

Manufactured By: Lycian

SKU Number: 03-8902

Availability: In stock

Price: $2,040.00 / each
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Midget Followspot

Product Description

A great unit for medium to short throws, very smooth operation, and nice optics.  Brighter, smaller, quieter, and more flexible than any of its competitors, the Midget does away with the need to have two different followspots to cover all spot sizes and intensities.  With the exclusive spread lens system, the Midget can go from the smallest pin spot to the largest full stage flood.  Users will find the moderately priced Lycian Midget built to the highest and most rigid professional standards with a host of the niceties that make the unit a joy to use and service.

• Rated for 1000 watts (tungsten)
• Uses FEL lamp  (1000w, 3200K, 375 hr)
• Automatic, self-cancelling color boom (six color slots)
• Horizontal trim shutters
• Balanced for perfect weight distribution at any angle
• Vertical tilt angle of 60° below horizontal and 55° above
• Lycian model no.  1206

Includes: Castered stand (lamp not included)