Rental Orders & Cancellation Policies

All Musson equipment is rented on a first come, first served basis.  As such, we accept reservations for equipment up to one year in advance.  While we do accept these long-term reservations, we cannot guarantee that the quantities or specific equipment requested will still be available as a rental product during your requested rental dates.  We recommend that you call within six (6) weeks of your pick up date to reconfirm all of the equipment on your rental.

Once an order has been created and marked as a Sold Job all items listed are removed from our available equipment list making it unavailable for any other customer.  At this time, any custom items or special orders are processed.  Due to considerations of preparation, holding in reserve, or sub-renting of equipment on your behalf, you may be subject to a cancellation fee on any confirmed that is not canceled within 48 hours of scheduled will call or delivery.

To cancel an order it is suggested that you phone the Rental Department directly and not rely on email for this type of notification.

The following fee structure may be applied to any confirmed, Sold Job that is not canceled within the listed time frame:

  • Day Of Event Cancellation - 100% of the total rental invoice
  • Less Than 48 Hours Notice up to day of event - 50% of the total rental invoice (except Special Order items)
  • More Than 48 Hours Notice - No Fee (except Special Order items)
  • Special Order Items or Fabrication Materials and Labor such as Carpets, Fabric, Custom Scenery or Props, Custom Gobos, or Confetti or other non-inventory expendables - 100% of the total invoice amount - sorry, no exceptions

We may, at our discretion, waive the cancellation fee, but by doing so we are not waiving any rights under the rental agreement.  By signing below you are confirming that you are aware that, without adequate notice of cancellation, you or your organization may be subject to a fee as described above.

This document must be signed to confirm your order.

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