300A Single Pole Male Connector - Green

Manufactured By: Hubbell

SKU Number: 18-305

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Price: $19.00 / each
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300A Single Pole Male Connector - Green

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Product Description

These connectors are made from a specially formulated rubber that resists cracking in cold, hot, or oily conditions.  Designed to be easily assembled with no special tools; a high strength, non-conductive retaining screw securely locks the contact to the insulated sleeve.  Completely interchangeable with other manufacturers single pole products.

For #4 - 2/0 AWG cable
• Hubbell part no. HBL300MGN

Hubbell Cam-Style connectors are generally rated for the following amperages at 120 volts.

NEC Table 400.5(B)
AWG Amps @ 194°F Amps @ 167°F Amps @ 140°F
2/0 300 265 225
1/0 260 230 195
#1 220 195 165
#2 190 170 140
#3 165 145 120
#4 140 125 105

Table is for single-conductor Type SC cable only where the individual conductors are not installed in raceways and are not in physical contact with each other except in lengths not to exceed 24 inches where passing through the wall of an enclosure.