Slip-On Fittings - Three Socket Tee

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Slip-On Fittings - Three Socket Tee

Product Description

This is a Three Socket Tee for connecting pipe together, often used at the top of handrail systems.

• For 1-1/2" Pipe  (1-7/8" Outer Diameter)
• Measures:  5.51"L x 3.94"H
• Weight:  2.58 lbs.

This slip-on pipe fitting is designed for use with standard 1-1/2" pipe (aluminum or steel).  Please note this is Schedule 40, 1-1/2" pipe which has an actual outer diameter of 1-7/8".  Slip-on fittings are sometimes known as the brand names Kee Klamp, Kee Clamp, Speed-Rail, Speedrail, or Speed Rail.