Wildfire - Glow Green

Manufactured By: Wildfire

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Price: $79.05 / quart
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Wildfire - Glow Green

Product Description

Wildfire Phosphorescent Paint glows a pale "ghostly" green for several minutes after being exposed to light.  It's the classic "glow in the dark" paint.  Under white light, it appears a greenish white.  But under black light it glows intensely, making it similar to the Wildfire Invisible Paints...except that it continues to glow after the lights are turned off!

Wildfire Luminescent Paints can be applied to just about any surface as long it's properly cleaned and primed.  Use flat white paint such as Rosco Tough Prime White to prime the surface (darker base coats will dim the fluorescent effect).  These paints are best if used indoors, but they can last for a few months outdoors depending on the degree of direct sunlight and exposure to the elements.  We recommend they be used outdoors only for temporary applications.

• Water-based and completely non-toxic
• Coverage:  200-250 square feet per gallon  (depends on surface)
• Recoat time is approx.  30 minutes, Dry time is approx.  1 hour

Please note that due to color differences between monitors it is difficult to view an accurate representation of this paint color online, please give us a call or stop by our showroom for a free swatch card which contains samples of all the colors offered.