Sculpt or Coat

Manufactured By: Sculptural Arts

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Price: $51.75 / gallon
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Sculpt or Coat

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Product Description

Widely used for constructing scenery, props, costumes, armor, masks, trees, rocks, sculpture, puppet making, organic shapes, scenic painting, special effects make-up, hobby and craft items.  Sculpt or Coat creates a protective tough coating that stops breakage, keeps pieces from drying out and prevents solvent based paints & spray paints from eating away foam.  Used for both texturing (raised, tree bark, negative effects, etc.) and adhesive (mulch, glitter, etc.) effects.

• Coverage:  about 350 square feet per gallon  (depends on surface)
• Coverage will vary depending on surface texture and thickness, may be extended with water.
• Thinning - Sculpt or Coat may be extended with water.  Hot water works best for thinning.  However, once dried, cracking or peeling may occur if thinned too much.  We recommend full strength application for most projects.
• Drying Time - Sculpt or Coat air cures.  Use a shop or box fan to speed up drying times if needed.  Drying times vary based on thickness of application:  less then 1/8" thick: 3-5 minutes; 1/4" thick: 2-3 hours.  Thickness can be achieved faster by building up thin layers.
• Binds mulch, glitter, gravel, sands, cedar chips, etc.  to texture scenery and costumes.  Adhesive quality binds it to practically anything: Wood, Metal, Plexiglass, Glass, Paper, Foam, Urethane Cement, Plaster, Plastic, P.V.C., etc.