Garage Sale - Wildfire 150w UV Blacklight

Manufactured By: Wildfire

Part Number: AR-150S/F

Number Available: 1

Price: $500.00 / or best offer

Product Description

This is a great chance to get the famed Wildfire UV quality at a fraction of the price!  This fixture was part of Wildfire's Architectural lineup before being discontinued several years ago (lamps still available).  The fixture still works perfectly and we're getting rid of it in order to make space for the S4WRD.  Happy to answer any questions, please contact

• 150w UV Blacklight
• Like all non-LED blacklights, it takes the lamp a minute or so to warm-up after applying power
• Non-dimmable
• 36" Leads with 20A Stage Pin connector

Includes: S-Clamp