Additional Universe for CueServer 2

$251.16 each
Interactive Technologies
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Need more DMX outputs for your CueServer 2?  This will upgrade your existing unit with an additional 512 DMX channels (1 universe).

  • Adds one additional universe to your existing CueServer 2 or CueServer 2 DIN
  • CueServer 2 supports a maximum of 32 universes
  • Adding additional universes will decrease the number of independent timelines (playbacks) you can use¹
  • Not for original CueServer (CS-800 Series) units, which are fixed at one DMX universe.
  • ¹ CueServer 2 uses a sliding scale relationship between DMX universes and playback faders. Using one DMX universe will allow one to use all 32 playback faders, 2 universes - 15 faders, 3 universes - 10 faders, 4 universes - 8 faders, etc.
Suggested ItemsCueServer 2 Pro or CueServer 2 DIN
Suggested ItemsCueServer 2 Pro or CueServer 2 DIN
ManufacturerInteractive Technologies
Model #CS-UNIV
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