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Apollo 2516 - Cards King

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Clubs (aka Puppy Paws) shown, also available in Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds.

Apollo metal gobos are laser cut from 8 mil stainless steel with a high level of nickel and chromium.  This type of steel produces a very durable gobo with fine detail image and a long life.

Gobos are like stencils for profile (ERS-style) lighting fixtures, allowing light to shine through certain areas and project a pattern.  The color of the projected image can be changed by adding a sheet of lighting gel.  By adding a donut (color frame with smaller hole) you can increase the contrast and clarity of the projected image.  Full-size Source Four fixtures also offer an EDLT lens tube option designed for high-quality gobo projection.

The size of a projected gobo image depends on the beam angle of your fixture, a larger beam angle will increase the gobo size diameter, however the resulting image will appear dimmer (with same fixture, since the light is spread over a larger area).  Gobos come in many different sizes for a range of fixtures, the table below gives a summary of the most common sizes that we list online.  Not sure what size to order?  Just make a note of your fixture make/model and we'll make sure the gobo gets sized correctly¹.

  • ¹ Not all gobos can be made in steel sizes under 86mm (B size).  This is usually due to intricate/detailed artwork, but certain fixtures also require the use of glass gobos.
Gobo Sizes
Letter CodeOD (Outer Diameter)IA (Image Area)Notes
A size100mm75mmFits most full-size ERS-style fixtures
B size86mm64.5mmIndustry-standard size, fits most full-size ERS-style fixtures
M size66mm48mmUsed in "Jr" ERS-style fixtures
E size*37.5mm28mmFits "Mini" ERS-style fixtures
ML size*
(varies)(varies)Sized for your fixture, make a note of your fixture make/model
  • * E/ML/Custom Sizes – Please make a note of your fixture make and model to ensure correct sizing for your application.
Suggested ItemsPattern Holder, Donut
Gobo CategoryCelebrations
Gobos - CelebrationsParty
Suggested ItemsPattern Holder, Donut
Model #ME-*-2516
Our SKU11-2516
Box L x W x H0.03" x 3.95" x 4.5"
  • 29.66
  • 2016
  • Apr. 12th, 2018
Apollo's latest gobo catalog in print/PDF format, created in 2016.
  • 3.35
  • Jun. 1st, 2018
Comprehensive listing of dozens of different gobo sizes available from Apollo.  Order one by selecting the Custom size option and entering your fixture code (from this PDF), or fixture make & model.
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