Blisslight Spright

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The BlissLight Spright is ideal for your outdoor decorations whether you are decorating for the holiday season or a summer time party.  The Spright is easy to use - just plug it in and point it – and watch it project a static starfield of pin-points of light onto your trees, house and yard.  At first glance, the pin points of light look like traditional rope lights, but when you look closer, you will see that your entire tree, house or yard is covered with pin points of light.  Your friends and neighbors will be amazed!  They'll think you put in countless hours of work decorating, when it really took you less than 5 minutes.

The BlissLight Spright projects a huge field of fireflies into the trees and surrounding landscape, perfect for an evening pool party, or simply to enhance the beauty of your landscape.  It is simply to use, plug it into any standard outlet and amaze yourself and your friends as your yard comes to life.  A single BlissLight Spright covers a huge 25' x 25' area.  The firefly is one of nature's truly remarkable bioluminescent creatures.  Their intoxicating glow coupled with their hypnotic dance against lush green vegetation is a serene experience.  The BlissLight Spright will recreate the magic in your yard.

The BlissLight Spright provides you a unique advantage for holiday lighting – you can enjoy the beauty of the holiday lights without the work.  No more ladders, broken bulbs and holiday stress associated with traditional holiday lighting.  Now you can just connect the BlissLight Spright into your 12V low voltage system, point it and you are done.  It's as easy as 1-2-WOW!  The BlissLight Spright uses laser and holographic technology to project thousands of pin points of light which look similar to traditional holiday rope lights.  With twice the WOW!  Factor and none of the work, the BlissLight Spright is the new holiday light on everyone's wish list.

  • This design has a 7,000 hour lamp life which means the lamp will last an average of 4.75 years if used for 4 hours every night
  • Operates on 12V AC or DC power, for indoor or outdoor use
  • 2.5 feet of coverage for every 1 foot of throw
  • Coverage area of at least 25 feet x 25 feet  (at 10 feet away)
  • Maximum laser power is less than 5mW  (single beam)
  • Single source holographic optical element  (static)
  • Laser life of more than 7000 hours
  • Does not include transformer
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Box L x W x H8.25" x 16.13" x 6.5"
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