OPTI-SCULPT Diffusion Filters

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Rosco OPTI-SCULPT Filters provide precise angular beam control – enabling lighting professionals to accurately control the shape of their light with increased brightness over traditional diffusion filters.  Rosco's unique, proprietary process features engineered light distribution that has been laboratory tested for accuracy and repeatability.  OPTI-SCULPT filters are scientifically engineered to pass the light through non-diffracting structures for even beam distribution without any color-shift.  This uniform control of the beam angle sculpts the beam into circular or linear patterns for any project where beam shaping is required.

OPTI-SCULPT filters are manufactured out of clear polycarbonate plastic and feature a very fine matte texture on the backside, which helps improve transmission by removing reflective light loss.  The beam sculpting structures engineered inside the plastic provide a natural back scatter that helps eliminate hotspots without a significant reduction of light output.  The performance of these durable, heat resistant, flame retardant filters is not affected by dust or the oils from hands.  Thanks to their heat-resistant base, OPTI-SCULPT can be used on both LED and traditional tungsten lighting fixtures.

  • Engineered and laboratory tested for accurate and repeatable beam shaping
  • High transmission vs. standard diffusion materials
  • Designed for LED fixtures, but also suitable for use on conventional fixtures
  • Not adversely affected by dust or fingerprints
  • Base Clear polycarbonate (with flame retardant additive)
  • Gauge / Thickness 10 mil nominal
  • Transmission > 85%
  • Thermal Performance
    • Softening 320°F (160°C)
    • Melting 425°F (220°C)
  • Flame Retardant Rating M1, B1, C1, BS3944 PART 1 1992, NFPA 701
  • * OPTI-SCULPT should not be installaed as an internal component in direct contact or immediate proximity to LED boards or emitters.  Sufficient distance should be maintained from the surface of LED emitter(s) to prevent color migration from intense photonic energy.  Typical minimum distance is 3/4", but may vary with wavelength and power output of the specific LED.  Test for best performance.
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  • 387.80
  • 06-2018
  • Oct. 11th, 2018
Statement of Proposition 65 Compliance for most Rosco Filters.
  • 380.91
  • 04-2018
  • Oct. 11th, 2018
Declaration of RoHS Compliance for most Rosco Filters.
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