PAR 64 Lamp

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Osram Sylvania
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  • July 12, 2018 – OSRAM-Sylvania, GE, and USHIO have all stopped production of the higher wattage (1kw) lamp until further notice due to "life testing" (see OSRAM's notice in docs tab).  No time-line for this lamp being available again (if at all) is available.

    Musson recommends that customers with existing fixtures:
    • Use lighter color gel and reduce intensities as much as possible to preserve existing lamp life
    • Use the lower wattage lamp, which has not been discontinued (yet, we expect so within the coming years)
    • Plan for replacement fixtures, from the ~$240 Source 4 PAR EA to the ~$800 ColorSource PAR (Add to Cart for your Price)

For PAR 64 Cans.

  • Overall Length (MOL) 6.00"
  • Diameter 8.00" (PAR 64)
  • Burn Position Universal
Case Quantity6 / box
Lamp Details
Lamp BaseGX16D Mogul
Lamp TypeTungsten Halogen
Average life is based on many factors, in general dimmed sources last longer, and frequent on/off operation will shorten the life. The details listed above are subject to change without notice.
ManufacturerOsram Sylvania
Case Quantity6 / box
Official notice from OSRAM on higher wattage PAR lamps being discontinued.  There is a chance they will return to market at some point, but not quickly.
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