Pipe Stiffener with Eyelet

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A Pipe Stiffener is used to help stabilize a pipe batten which has rotated due to the torque placed on it when fixtures aren't mounted straight down (aka "roostered"), causing an imbalance and the whole pipe to rotate.  Typically required when pipe battens are only wrapped in chain, and not secured with a proper batten clamp like the ones below.  When using with pipe battens wrapped in chain, the intended use is to attach next to the chain, pointed up, and then secure the eyelet to the chain supporting the pipe batten.

  • Helps stabilize pipe battens which have rotated
  • Eyelet intended to be secured to chain supporting the pipe batten
  • Great for a quick fix, for best long-term results we recommend using proper batten clamps
  • WARNINGRigging requires a thorough knowledge of loading dynamics & design factors.  Improper installation or misapplication of a single product can lead to structural failure, bodily injury, or even death.
    When planning a rigging project, we strongly recommend that purchasers use an experienced ETCP rigging technician, and/or personnel meeting the OSHA "competent person" standard.
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  • Mar. 20th, 2019
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