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PCC-160 Black Surface Mic

$25.00 each
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The Crown PCC-160 (Phase Coherent Cardioid) is a surface-mounted half supercardioid microphone intended for professional applications on stage floors, lecterns, conference tables, and news desks - wherever improved gain-before-feedback and articulation are important.  Similar to the Pressure Zone Microphone (PZM), the PCC is designed to be used on a relatively large boundary surface.  Unlike the PZM, the Phase Coherent Cardioid uses a subminiature supercardioid mic capsule.  Its directional polar pattern improves gain-before-feedback, reduces unwanted room noise and rejects sounds from the rear.  Surface-mounting creates a "half-supercardioid" polar pattern and increases directivity 3 dB.  A "bass tilt" switch allows the user to tailor the low-end response for particular applications.  Thanks to its low profile and black finish, the microphone becomes almost invisible in use.

  • Polar Pattern Supercardioid Condenser
  • Freq. Response 50-18,000 Hz
  • Requires Phantom Power
  • Includes pouch and 15' cable
Suggested Items Mic Cable, Gaff Tape
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