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Rosco Custom Black & White Glass Gobo

$169.20 original

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Needs by date
white = light

These custom glass gobos are printed by Rosco in Round Rock, Texas.  Whether you are looking to turn a rough sketch into a custom gobo or already have a Photoshop file ready to go we can help turn your design into the highlight of your event.

  • New to Gobos?  Read our intro overview and view wedding templates at this page.

Important Things to Know about Custom Gobos

  • Color Plates & Proofs Glass gobos are printed with anywhere from 1 to 3 color plates (number of plates indicated in product name).  While you can choose any color to use for a color plate — please note that black counts as a color — so if you have a red and white image you would need two color plates (black and red).  If you are concerned about how your gobo might look you can always request a proof, please note however that this may increase the lead time (Needs by date) by a day or two.
  • Usage Glass gobos can last a lifetime if treated properly, however they can also be easily destroyed when used improperly or in a fixture which gets too hot.  Please pay close attention to the notes which come with every glass gobo.  We also recommend against the use of glass gobos in the Altman 360Q, Altman 3.5, and Colortran 5-50.
  • Needs By Dates Needs by dates are requests only and may have to be modified due to circumstances outside of our control such as artwork changes, or incompatible shipping methods.  If your requested needs by date is not compatible for any reason we will contact you at our earliest opportunity to arrange for the most efficient method of delivery for your application.
  • Shipping, Lead Time, Rush Orders Orders submitted after 12:00pm PST will not be started until the following business day.  Standard lead time for gobos is 2 days at the factory plus shipping time, for orders which must ship within 1 day of receiving an order a $45 per original rush fee will be charged.
Suggested ItemsGlass Pattern Holder
Suggested ItemsGlass Pattern Holder
Box L x W x H3.88" x 4.38" x 1.25"
Explains the different glass gobo options and what a color plate is.
Case study on how a city in France created a "Ballet of the Happy Shadows" by projecting 330 custom B&W gobos on buildings.  Extensive keystone correction was used to keep the projected images free of distortion.
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