Custom Distribution & Wiring Devices


Whether you need a complete distribution system or just a replacement wall plate, Musson can help you with all your custom distribution & wiring device needs.  We understand that some of the terminology used can be confusing at first and to that end we have redesigned the entire request interface.

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You can get started right away and head over to the new request module, which includes quick access to information on all the various options.  Not ready to submit a request yet?  Maybe you just want to learn a bit more about this thing we call "Custom Distribution"?

Distribution?  What's that?

The short answer is that Custom Distribution devices are what is used in installations to hook your lights up to your dimmers or relay circuits.  While the main purpose of these devices is to provide power for your lights and other equipment, they also can be a source of DMX data, auxiliary (non-dim) power outlets, and/or RJ45 ports for your networked nodes.

Custom Distribution devices come in a whole range of styles and options and are custom ordered to fit your needs.  Whether you need a 90' long connector strip or just a simple wall plate with a single connector we can assemble a package to fit your needs.

Distribution Basics 101

We've tapped the decades of expertise our experts have and assembled all our information on what you could call Distribution Basics 101 below.  Simply click on a particular style or option and a popup will appear giving you an overview of your choices and common configurations where applicable.  For your convenience all of the sections below are also accessible in the request form via the Help icons.

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DMX Outputs Help
Auxiliary Power Circuits Help
RJ45 NET Ports Help
Pipe Attachment Help

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