Custom Drapery


Whether you need a complete drapery package with track rigging and installation or just a replacement leg, Musson can help you with all your custom drapery and rigging needs.  We understand that some of the terminology used can be confusing at first and to that end we have redesigned this entire request interface.

You can get started right away and head over to the new request module, which includes quick access to information on all the various options.  Not ready to submit a request yet?  Maybe you just need to see fabric color choices, or want to learn a bit more about this thing we call "Custom Drapery"?

Fabric Colors
Natural 100% Cotton Velour
Picture and Virtual swatchbooks
Synthetic Velour
Picture and Virtual swatchbooks
Other Fabrics
Please use our request module and select your desired fabric type to see color options.

Drapery Basics 101

We've tapped the decades of expertise our experts have and assembled all our information on what you could call Drapery Basics 101 below.  Simply click on a particular style or option and a popup will appear giving you an overview of your choices and common configurations where applicable.  For your convenience all of the sections below are also accessible in the request form via the Help icons.

Drapery Types Help
Fabric Types Help
Fabric Weight Help
Drapery ColorHelp
Seams Help
Top Finish Help
Center Finish (Bi-Parting Only) Help
Side Finish Help
Bottom Finish Help
Fullness - Pleating Help
Fullness - Percent Help
Track or Pipe Type Help
Track Color Help
Track Configuration Help
Track Layout Help
Track Operation Help
Track Mounting Help
Track Options Help

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