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VRX-AF-II Array Frame

$1,222.61 each
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The VRX-AF is an array frame kit designed to be used for suspension of the VRX932LAP line array loudspeaker.  The optional array frame kit includes an array frame, four quick release pins, a pair of forged 3/8" shackles, and a pair of drop levers.

The following table defines the maximum number of speakers that may be suspended using the VRX-AF frame.  A minimum design factor of 7:1 is maintained for all speaker configurations at or below those indicated in the table.

Maximum number of VRX932LAP in array 5 4 3 2 1 0
Maximum number of VRX918SP in array 0 2 3 3 4 4

For some applications, it may be necessary to pull back the array from the bottom in order to achieve the desired coverage.  Every VRX-AF is supplied with a spare set of quick release pins and a pair of spare drop levers that are used to adapt a second array frame to the bottom of a VRX932LAP array.  Once these are installed on the bottom enclosure, the array frame may be attached as previously described.

Ground-stacked, upward aimed array: Applications such as covering stadium bleachers from the playing field may be addressed by installing the VRX-AF array frame to the bottom of the array as described above.  Up to four VRX932LAP loudspeakers may be locked together and ground stacked using the VRX-AF array frame kit, as shown

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Includes4x quick release pins, 2x forged 3/8" shackles, 2x drop levers
Includes4x quick release pins, 2x forged 3/8" shackles, 2x drop levers
Model #VRX-AF
Part #691991033452
Box L x W x H28" x 11" x 3"
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