Mighty Bright Carabiner LED Light

Manufactured By: Mighty Bright

SKU Number: 03-9908

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Price: $6.49 / each
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Blue version

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Price: $6.49 / each

Product Description

Explore your world.  This strong sporty carabiner clips on and off of just about anything.  It is durable and sleek and has an incredibly powerful light to go everywhere you go.  Six fun colors!

• 8 lumens
• 24 hour battery life
• Handy palm-size light with highly efficient LED (light emitting diode)
• Brilliant white beam is visible as far as a mile away
• Snap link attachment (and detachment) for quick and easy use
• Constant-on switch for hands-free and continual use when needed
• Solid construction using hard-to-break polycarbonate
• Good for attaching to your keychain, backpack, or belt loop…or in a purse, glove compartment or desk drawer...

Includes: 2x CR2032 Lithium Batteries