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About Us

Our mission is clear, illuminate the future of theater technology and consulting, one brilliant idea at a time.

At Musson, our mission is to be the premier provider of theatrical equipment and consulting services in the industry. We are committed to delivering unmatched excellence in both products and expertise, setting new standards for creating innovative theatrical magic from corporate boardrooms, momentous event planning and educational venues. Our dedication to becoming the best in the industry is matched only by our unwavering focus on nurturing the creativity of our employees. We believe that fostering a culture of innovation and empowerment allows our team to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of theater.

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We know that you can buy products anywhere.  Customer service is our top priority.  We believe that by being sensitive to our customers long-term needs, and standing by our word, we can rise above the competition as your #1 theatrical dealer.  Calls during business hours are answered by a real live person, and we even have a 24 hour hotline for your emergency needs 365 days a year.


At Musson, we believe that an educated client is a happy client.  We'd much rather sell you the right product a year from now, than make a quick buck selling you the wrong product today.  We're proud to share our knowledge through seminars at local schools, in addition to our growing virtual community.


Musson Theatrical is part of the artistic community, our staff is made up of local IATSE stagehands, non-profit volunteers, and theatre geeks who recite lyrics in their sleep.  We understand the long hours that go into most productions, and our goal is to help make your job a little easier.  Musson is also an active long-standing member of the national community, working closely with ESTA, USITT, and employing ETCP certified technicians.

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