Theatre Seating

Seating Solutions for all Venue Sizes

Whether you need seating for a historical theatre with thousands of seats, or a community center with less than 100, we can help you from budgeting through installation.  Since all seating is custom, this page is a starting point, allowing you to see a range of options for your venue.

Wells Fargo Center for Performing Arts(Santa Rosa, CA)

Chair Styles

Taking into account all the different chair backs, armrests, and fabric choices, there are literally thousands of different configurations.  In order to narrow your choices we've created a couple broad categories to determine what style is appropriate for your venue.

  • Classical
  • Modern
  • Retro
  • Victorian

Chair Options

In addition to the thousands of chair style configurations mentioned above, there are also a range of options to customize your seating.  The most common options are listed below, however this is custom seating so if you're looking for something not listed please let us know!

  • Cup Holder - Front
  • Cup Holder - Back
  • Cup Holder - Communion
  • Labelled Aisle
  • Labelled Seat
  • Donor Plates
  • Book Holder - Front
  • Book Holder - Back
  • Removable Chairs (for ADA)

Datasheets & Specifications

For a more detailed look at some of the styles and options available, we've included datasheets for the three most popular chair lines below.

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