Privacy & Security

Privacy, Cookies, & Saved Data

We respect your privacy and take multiple precautions to ensure your data (including "metadata") is safeguarded.  We'll never sell your data, and only share your data with the groups listed below in order to improve our services.

  • Constant Contact — Optional newsletter, must opt-in
  • Google Analytics — Tracks site activity, we anonymize your IP address, plus disable remarketing and advertising tracking
  • Springbot — Allows us to send you relevant products and offers based on site activity, uses AdRoll

Additionally, when placing orders, we also share the following limited information.

  • Bad Buyer List — Street Address
  • / — IP Address
  • Google — Address, IP/Phone Geo-location.  Order details are also shared if you opt-in to Google Customer Reviews.
  • Verifalia — Email address

While you're able to browse our website without accepting any cookies — due to the nature of e-commerce — cookies are required to create a unique link to your account and saved data (account, orders, etc.).Read our complete Privacy & Cookie Policy...

If desired, you can block Google/Springbot/AdRoll cookies without affecting your experience on our site.

GDPR Compliance

While we don't ship to EU-based customers, we are in-line with the European Union's GDPR framework, which govern privacy rights and the personal data of end users.  We require opt-in consent for our newsletter, provide unsubscribe links in marketing emails, and will never sell your data.  To date we have never experienced a breach of user data, but if one is discovered, we promise to notify users and authorities within 72 hours.

At this time, an automated online system to retrieve or delete your personal data is not available.  However you can send us an email if you'd like a copy of, or for us to delete, your personal data.  Please note that for legal (tax/money-laundering) purposes, order records will be kept for a minimum of 6 years from date-of-order, regardless of delete requests.


Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, we view protecting your data as critical to earning your trust.  Instead of relying on generic third-party providers — who may not share our commitment to security & privacy — we decided to run dedicated servers where we can guarantee the underlying code which has access to your data.  Our full-time developer keeps our systems and countermeasures regularly updated, but don't just take our word for it, see how our security rates in the Grade Us links!

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