Price Matching Policy

Musson Theatrical will do our best to match any competitive price.

If, while preparing for a purchase of equipment, you notice that one of our competitors has a lower price, we'd appreciate the chance to see if we can match their price and earn your business.  If you'd send us a quick email following the steps below we'll respond ASAP with the best price we can offer while keeping our excellent level of customer service.

  1. Send one of the following to
    • Your quote from our competitor showing the lower price
    • A link to the webpage advertising the lower product price
  2. Upon receipt of your email we'll confirm product details, and that its sold by an authorized reseller.
  3. Once we've verified everything, we'll reply to your email with the most competitive price we can offer!

You can also place an order or quote online with a request to match pricing on a specific item(s).  Just add a note that you are requesting price matching with links to the lower-priced products.  If we can’t match the price, we'll contact you before proceeding.

Price Matching Fine Print

  • Seller must be Authorized Reseller with specified manufacturer, and in good standing.  Verification may require one business day.
  • Seller must have product in stock and ready to ship.
  • Seller's price and availability must be verified at time of purchase.
  • Price Matching is based on final checkout price at time of request.  Shipping is included, tax is not included.
  • Good on all brand new, unopened products of the exact same model and warranty.
  • Does not apply to used goods, or prices that include rebates, special programs, educational discounts, bonuses, free offers, coupons, promo codes, bundled items, or one-of-a-kind limited-quantity offers.
  • Due to market fluctuations, price matching cannot be guaranteed on all products.  However we'll do our best to earn your business with the best possible price and word-class service.
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