Before your Order

We believe firmly in education and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Whether you're curious about the latest trends, or just want the layman overview of how things work, our experts have decades of experience.  If you're in Santa Clara, CA you can even stop by our showroom, which contains a range of lighting, drapery, and rigging products in real-world applications.

Active Order Support

Our decades of experience isn't just in the technical know-how!  We also have long relationships with just about every major theatrical manufacturer, which helps us meet the most challenging deadlines and sort out any issues quickly and efficiently.

After the Sale

With our wide range of industry contacts, we're a one-stop shop for any post-sale issues you may run into.  We can help guide a warranty repair through the RMA process, and even if your warranty is expired we can still work with the manufacturer and our in-house repair department to find the most cost-efficient solution.

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