Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Periods and Dates

The minimum rental period is two days.  Two days are two consecutive weekdays, or Friday to Monday.  The next rental period is one week.  One week is calculated as any number of days more than three but less than eight.

Loss and Damage

Any loss or damage to rental equipment is to be paid at the time of equipment return or pick-up.  Credit for subsequent return of paid shortages will be made at our discretion.

Early Return Policy

We do not give refunds or credits for early return of rental equipment.  We suggest that you review your equipment list and the rental dates carefully prior to signing the rental agreement.


All equipment is offered for inspection and testing at our location.  Musson Theatrical, Inc. will not be responsible for any claims or liabilities resulting from the use or possession of any equipment rented from Musson Theatrical, Inc.  Our equipment is rented without any guarantee of any kind.  If you have an after-hours need of technical support, please dial the regular number (1-800-843-2837), and leave a voicemail for our emergency technician.  In the event of an equipment malfunction, every reasonable effort will be made to correct it.

Cable Coiling, Drape Folding and Accessory Removal Charge

All equipment issued for rental is coiled, folded or individually pieced.  All equipment is to be returned in the same manner in which it was issued.  Items not returned in the same condition will be subject to a shop labor charge at a minimum of ½ hour.  The current hourly rate is $125.

Items and situations that are subject to this type of charge:

  • All cable not individually coiled and tied
  • Removals of excessive tape from cables – circuit number marks are not an issue
  • All drapery that is not folded.  Drapes are folded with the good side facing in
  • All drapery or sandbags that are wet.  Wet drapes will result in an additional rental period as well as a potential charge for replacement
  • Fixtures with bases attached to them
  • Booth bases with pins attached
  • Truss sections bolted together.  Truss bolts should be put back into sets consisting of 2x washer, lock & nut.
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