Rental Agreement


Payment is due in full upon receipt of equipment, unless a customer credit account has been established and is in good standing.

Missing or Damaged Equipment

If you return the equipment in damaged or non-working condition, or if equipment is missing, the rental period will be extended by the shortest reasonable time necessary to repair such damage or replace non-repairable equipment and return the item(s) to Musson Theatrical's general inventory.  Renter agrees to pay the listed retail replacement cost plus applicable freight charges.  The acceptance of the return of the Equipment by Musson Theatrical is not a waiver of any claims that it may have against you.
Credit for subsequent return of paid shortages will be made at our discretion.

Receipt of Goods

Renter agrees they have received and fully inspected all above listed equipment and that it is in good working order, and free of any operational defects.  Renter accepts full responsibility for, and care of, all listed items until returned to Musson's premises.  Renter is free to examine or test any equipment prior to loading in their vehicle.

Renter is advised that all products were tested by Musson staff prior to pick-up and that Musson Theatrical, Inc. does not guarantee, assume responsibility, or make any representation for the performance, of said equipment while in the renters charge.  After completing your installation you must notify the Rental Company of any defective or inoperable equipment immediately upon discovering any defect.  If after normal business hours, please call 408-986-0210 and leave a voicemail for our emergency technician.  Unless you notify the Rental Company of a defect or problem with the equipment supplied, you agree that the Equipment is in good working order and that the Equipment is acceptable to you.


Standard delivery service includes a single driver, with unloading provided by the RENTER, at a first floor or other ground location.  Long walk-ways (more than 50'), second floors, elevators, or difficult delivery access, may be subject to an additional portage fees.

  • PICKUP:  Standard pickup services are scheduled by appointment, and include a single driver.  RENTER is required to have adequate loading staff on hand, with all equipment ready to be counted and loaded.  Waiting or loading delays may be subject to an additional charge.
  • SET UP / REMOVAL:  Onsite labor for Set Up and/or Removal is not included in delivery/pick up charges, but can be provided at additional cost.


Renter agrees to return all equipment in the same condition as received.  Full daily rates shall be charged for each day Equipment is not returned after the date specified for the return of the Equipment.  Alternate return arrangements are subject to Musson approval, and must be agreed to in writing.  Renter shall not retain rental property beyond its due date without the written consent of Musson Theatrical, Inc.  Any equipment not returned by the agreed date and time, shall automatically bill out to the next rental interval and will be invoiced as a rental extension.
Renter understands that Musson Theatrical does not give refunds or credit for early return of rental equipment.


Renter agrees to indemnify Musson Theatrical, Inc. and hold them harmless from any and all claims of loss, damage, expense or penalty, arising from any action or injury to person or property, associated with the use or implementation of Musson rental equipment.  RENTER agrees to pay all incurred collection charges, attorney's fees, court costs and recovery fees if collection or litigation becomes necessary.

The above described equipment is hereby rented for the period set forth, subject to the terms and conditions stated above, under the published Rental Agreement Terms which function as an integral part of this agreement.

A complete listing of rental agreement terms is available upon request

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