MSR400S/A Lamp - 400w (5660°K)

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MSR400S/A Lamp - 400w  (5660°K)

Product Description

For Pani Projectors.  We call this a MSR lamp but it's also known as a HTI lamp.

• Watts:  400w
• Average Life:  750 hours*
• Color Temperature:  5,660K
• Base:  GY9.5 2-Pin
• Overall Length (MOL):  3.15"
• Diameter:  0.93"
• Burn Position:  Universal

*Average life is a guide only and based on many factors, in general frequent on/off operation will shorten the life along with hot-restarts.  Remember to never touch an arc discharge lamp with your bare fingers, if touched thoroughly wipe with Iso Alcohol to clean and let dry.

Please note that according to the manufacturer the specifications listed above are subject to change without notice, we will make every effort to keep these as current as possible but cannot guarantee their accuracy.