Manufactured By: Lowel

SKU Number: 03-3545

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Price: $150.00 / each
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Product Description

With its high intensity #2 Reflector & Prismatic Glass, the tiny focusable Pro-light is more efficient than a mini-fresnel of equal wattage.  It gives an exquisite even light, with fresnel-like shadow quality, evenly dispersed flood, and a uniform spot with significant barndoor cut.

Used with today's more light sensitive digital cameras & film stocks, it's compact size makes it the perfect low-level key or accent light, fill light (with diffusion), or back-light for interviews & other small shooting-areas.  In addition to a wide variety of customizing & control accessories, its versatility can be increased by adding a DC adapter cable & swapping its bulb for battery operation.  Replace the Prismatic Glass with Clear Safety Glass for a non-focusing super-spot in special use situations.

• Tilting: 160°, adjustable, constant-tension, one-handed, no-yoke tilting
• Fits on: 5/8" Studs
• Rated for 200 watts
• G5.3 2-Pin Base
• Cable: 16' total (4' attached to fixture + 12' extension cable)
• Switch: in-head

Includes: 4' captive cable & IEC connector, 12-foot IEC extension AC cable, standard 3-wire plug, Stand-fitting (no lamp)