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CueServer 2 Pro
CueServer 2 Pro

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    CueServer 2 Pro boasts an innovative modular DMX port system.  Four bi-directional DMX ports (optional) on the back of the unit are user-configurable with any of seven available port modules.  These interchangeable modules allow CueServer 2 Pro to be customized for different installation environments eliminating the need for external adaptors.  CueServer 2 Pro features dual LAN ports for splitting Ethernet-based lighting and management data onto separate networks if desired.

    The front-panel of CueServer 2 Pro has eight customizable function buttons.  Each button has fully controllable RGB backlighting and field-replaceable legends for project personalization.  A navigation keypad is used to operate the onboard LCD menu for basic system settings, show selection, and macro execution.

    • Completely self-contained lighting playback controller
    • Start with 2 DMX Universes.  Software upgrades unlock up to 32 DMX universe with no co-processing
    • Seamlessly handles static scenes, crossfading, and real-time "streaming" DMX playback
    • Web-based "live" operation and programming
    • Handles up to 32 independent timelines¹
    • Locally program lighting scenes or snapshot from external DMX source
    • Network multiple CueServer units together to control a large number of channels or devices
    • On-board real-time clock with astronomical functions and 365-day calendar events
    • System integration via Ethernet, Serial, Digital I/O, and Audio
    • Easily interfaces with Crestron, AMX, Control 4, Savant and other automation systems
    • Fully customizable LCD Display for user feedback
    • Front-panel menu buttons for changing date, time, network settings and more without needing a computer
    • Front-panel configurable function buttons with RGB backlighting and field-replaceable legends
    • Dual Ethernet ports for separate configurable lighting data and management networks
    • Optional module-based bi-directional DMX ports for custom jack configurations
    • Dual RJ45 ports (sACN, ArtNet, KiNet, UDP, TCP, HTTP, Telnet, XML, SNTP, CueScript, CueStation)
    • RS-232 and Contact Closure connections
    • ¹ CueServer 2 uses a sliding scale relationship between DMX universes and playback faders.  Using one DMX universe will allow one to use all 32 playback faders, 2 universes - 15 faders, 3 universes - 10 faders, 4 universes - 8 faders, etc.
    Lighting Console
    ApplicationArchitectural - Installation
    ManufacturerInteractive Technologies
    Our SKUCS-900-COMBO
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    • Apr. 13th, 2018
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