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Pipe & Drape Adjustable Upright

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Vertical pipe for pipe and drape system.  The Slip-lock collar assembly locks automatically when the inner pole is raised vertically to the desired height.  As a vertical load is applied downward, the ball-taper lock feature locks tighter.  The more pressure applied downward the tighter it will lock.  To release the lock, simply raise the inner pole slightly and lift the release ring.  For safety, hold the inner pole firmly while raising or lowering the height.

  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 3'-5'
    • 7'-12'
    • 8'-14'
    • 9'-16'
    • 11'-20'
  • Easy to set up, accurate and rapid height adjustments; Quickly adjusts to any height within the specific model range
  • No tools required for setup or disassembly or knobs or wing nuts to adjust
  • 2" Outer Diameter
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