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These spansets are made in the USA and are black with a green identification tag stating their rated load limits.  As with all rigging equipment these load limits are for ideal, basic conditions and change based on the angle and real world conditions.  Available in the following lengths: 1.5', 3', 6'

  • 5,300 pound rated capacity for "vertical" style loading
  • 4,200 pound rated capacity for "choker" style loading
  • 10,600 pound rated capacity for "basket" style loading
  • Relaxed body diameter of 7/8"
  • Width at load of 1-1/2"
  • Warning: Do not exceed capacities. Ratings must be reduced when slings are used at angles of less than 90º from horizontal.
  • WARNINGRigging requires a thorough knowledge of loading dynamics & design factors.  Improper installation or misapplication of a single product can lead to structural failure, bodily injury, or even death.
    When planning a rigging project, we strongly recommend that purchasers use an experienced ETCP rigging technician, and/or personnel meeting the OSHA "competent person" standard.
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