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Velour Booth Panel

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Available in the sizes below.  Our modular booth drapery panels are intended for use with Pipe and Drape Systems.  Drapes are sewn flat with a pocket at the top and a weighted bottom.  Excellent for tradeshows, sectioning off a room, or instant portable dressing rooms.  Our stock consists of both traditional Velour, and IFR Synthetic Velour panels.

  • 8'H x 4'W Black, Velour or Duvetyne
  • 8'-7"H x 4'W Black Synthetic Velour
  • 8'-7"H x 5'W Black Velour
  • 12'H x 3'W Black Synthetic Velour
  • 12'H x 4'W Black, Velour or Synthetic Velour
  • 12'H x 4'W Grey Synthetic Velour
  • Please note that we do not allow tape or staples on our drapery or soft goods, damaged items subject to repair/replacement charges.
Suggested Items Pipe & Drape Base, Adjustable Upright, Telescoping Support
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