20A 6-Circuit EverGrip LSC19 Molded Multi-Cable Extension

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These 6-circuit 19pin extensions from Lex are available with both individual and bonded ground connectors.  Bonded Grounds means all 6 circuits share a common ground (two 12 gauge cables), this saves on cable weight and cost, but isn't appropriate in all situations (like audio, or where code prohibits it's use).  In addition, we recommend testing bonded ground cables before every use to ensure a safe ground connection.

Individual/Separate Grounds is like running a dedicated cable for each circuit.  Grounds are not shared, which adds to the cost/weight, but is ideal for audio and safety-conscious applications.  Need a custom length or different cable gauge? Send us an email for a custom quote.

  • 20A* (2,400W), 300 VAC maximum
  • 12 AWG, 14 -or- 18 conductor TPR cable
  • Choose from Bonded (Shared) or Individual/Seperate Grounds
  • Molded EverGrip LSC19 connectors
  • When using bonded ground cables, Musson highly recommends checking them before each use with a 19pin Cable Tester (like this one) to ensure the ground connection is not compromised.
  • * Maximum when used with 50% diversity of load (in accordance with table NEC 520-44)
  • Multi-cables carry 6-circuits of lighting power inside a single jacket, avoiding 6 individual runs of cable
  • Specially formulated thermoplastic rubber jacket provides exceptional flexibility and durability
  • Keyed design prevents misalignment of circuit conductors and unmateable or mismatched connections
  • All black construction blends into scenery and is ideal for stage or studio lighting applications
  • Pins and sockets cannot push back, extending life of the connector
  • Rugged construction helps prevent broken conductors and loose or damaged ground rings
  • Tempered spring female contacts maintain constant pin pressure to help ensure low resistance connections
  • Silver-plated brass contacts for high conductivity
  • Thermoplastic resin premold creates a bond between the cable and connector for superior strain relief and secure terminations
  • Thermoplastic elastomer overmold absorbs impact and provides an insulated and secure gripping surface for easier mating and safe handling
Suggested ItemsEverGrip LSC19 Break-In, EverGrip LSC19 Break-Out
Suggested ItemsEverGrip LSC19 Break-In, EverGrip LSC19 Break-Out
ManufacturerLex Products
Model #EGME-12
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