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BlissLight 15 Laser Effect

$499.00 each
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The BlissLight 15 is the smaller and economical version of the BlissLight 50.  With lighting elements and holographic optical lenses that generate thousands of pin points of light which create an enormous "universe of stars" that will amaze everyone.  The BlissLight 15 is designed for commercial and homeowner applications.  The BlissLight 15 is used by Architectural Lighting professionals, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Contractors, Event Planners, Entertainment Lighting companies, Amusement Parks, Homeowners, Parents, Home Theatre enthusiasts, just to name a few.  The BlissLight 15 illuminates such interiors as office buildings, hotels, theatres, museums, lobby ceilings and walls, Restaurants, Discos, Nightclubs, event ballroom and tent venues, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways.  The lighting effect transforms any room.

The BlissLight 15 uses a 15 mw laser module and is perfect for smaller spaces and hard-to-light areas.  The BlissLights 15 has a rugged construction, a multi-position mounting system, fan-less temperature regulation systems, and a built-in power regulator that is an engineering marvel.  When combined with the lighting and optics, you get the BlissLight 15, a product that is incredibly ahead of its time.

  • 2.5 feet of coverage for every 1 foot of throw
  • Coverage area of at least 25 feet x 25 feet (at 10 feet away)
  • Generates and projects thousands of pin-points of light
  • Maximum laser power is less than 5mW (single beam)
  • Patent-pending holographic laser technology
  • Transforms dark areas into a unique animated universe
  • Features 2 built-In precision glass lenses
  • Laser life of more than 7000 hours
  • 30 watts

To see a demo of this exact fixture please stop by our showroom or give us a call!

Box L x W x H11.5" x 7" x 9.75"
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