Crepe Wool Hair

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Ben Nye's Crepe Wool has been a standard in the industry for hair applications and effects for generations.  Create fake mustaches, beards, and hair pieces of all kinds.  The 15 diverse colors make it possible for artists to blend together any natural shade.

With one yard of hair in each package, artists are fully equipped to apply any length or density of hair desired.  The specific application methods for Ben Nye's Crepe Wool makes them best utilized by Film & TV, SFX, Character, Stage, Cosplay, and Drag makeup artists.


To prepare hair for application, secure one end of the braid, and utilize steam to loosen hair.  Use a hackle, or thin sections to hand blend three or more colors together for the most realistic blend of color and texture.

When applying Crepe Wool, stipple Ben Nye's Spirit Gum on the skin and allow it to become tacky.  With precision, and in sections, press the ends of the hair gently into the skin, applying light pressure until the wool is secured to the skin.

When creating full beards, work from the bottom of the neck, up the jawline and to the base of the cheekbones.  After spirit gum dries, use a pick-comb to comb out any stray or unsecured hair.  Shape gently with hairspray or a light pomade.

Remove with Spirit Gum Remover or Remove-It-All.

Pair With

To add color effects in the hair, comb Ben Nye's Hair Colors through the crepe wool with a disposable mascara wand.

Suggested ItemsSpirit Gum Adhesive, Spirit Gum Remover, Remove-It All
Suggested ItemsSpirit Gum Adhesive, Spirit Gum Remover, Remove-It All
ManufacturerBen Nye
Box L x W x H1" x 2.75" x 5"
  • 7.91
  • Dec. 28th, 2023
Most recent catalog, does not include new or discontinued colors.
  • 7.68
  • Dec. 28th, 2023
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  • 5.47
  • Jun. 26th, 2019
Some products are discontinued, kept for reference.
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