CRMX Outdoor Wireless DMX

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CRMX Outdoor is the ultimate wireless DMX and RDM product for any installation.  An adaptation of the CRMX Nova product line, it's the worlds first wireless DMX and RDM system for outdoor use that is designed to withstand many years of weather forces thanks to its unique combination of an IP67 rated housing and the vandal proof mounting cover.

CRMX Outdoor also supports DALI and DSI making it a part of the first product range for wireless DALI/DSI truly designed to operate in any environment.  The built-in DMX to DALI/DSI converter is easily configured over RDM.  Compatible with all other CRMX products, both indoor and outdoor, DMX and RDM.

  • Wirelessly transmit and receive a full Universe (512 channels) of DMX
  • Robust wireless DMX512 and RDM data transmission
  • Support for DALI (64 short addresses, 16 groups or broadcast)
  • Extremely low 5mS latency
  • Full DMX fidelity and frame integrity
  • Error correction and packet recovery
  • Tested range of ~3200'  (line-of-sight, standard antennas)
  • With proper planning and WiFi spectrum availability, up to 60 universes can be used!
  • RDM proxy and responder functions
  • Pluggable terminal strip for DMX and DALI output
  • RJ45 Ethernet for sACN, Pathport, ArtNet, KiNet, ShowNet, and ETCNet  (Flex Transceiver Only)
  • IP67 rated housing and vandal proof mounting cover
Includes2 dBi N antenna
ModelDMX + RDM
Includes2 dBi N antenna
  • 6.33
  • 2017
  • May. 17th, 2018
  • 220.80
  • May. 17th, 2018
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