Fine Detail Brushes

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Ben Nye
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Generous, tapered shape applies powder or pressed colors to face and eyes.

  • Tapered Point Brush (FDB-2) Pony Blend.  For blending and contouring of eye shadows, Lumière, powders and glitter.
  • Eye Sculpting (FDB-35) Goat.  Contoured, domed shape provides precision blending and sculpting in small areas.  Great for eye shadow and smokey eyes!
  • Petite Shader (FDB-4) Sable Blend.  Dome-shaped, soft brush for delicate eye shadow or powder detailing and contouring.
  • Medium Blender (FDB-5) Sable Blend.  Soft, but firm chiseled-edge bristles for precise, even blending of powders.
  • Petite Filbert (FDB-6) Sable Blend.  Classic rounded shape in mini size for precise application of cremes, liquids or powders.
  • Precision Liner (FDB-65) Synthetic.  Dense, small round brush tapers to a fine point.  Great for water-based and liquid colors, such as MagiCake or Cake Eye Liner.
  • Lip Brush (FDB-7) Lip Brush with Cover Taklon.  Finely tapered, petite shape for defined application of lip colors and glosses.
  • Tapered Lip Brush (FDB-75) Sable.  Flat, natural hair brush shapes lip color cleanly and perfectly.  Contoured with a soft angle.
  • Smudge Brush (FDB-8) Pony.  Excellent for smudging and blending eye shadow and smokey liners.
Suggested ItemsBrush Cleaner
Suggested ItemsBrush Cleaner
ManufacturerBen Nye
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  • Dec. 28th, 2023
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  • Dec. 28th, 2023
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Some products are discontinued, kept for reference.
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