FreeSpeak II Beltpack

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The five-channel, full-duplex FreeSpeak II digital beltpack was uniquely designed for the rigorous demands of large-scale operations and continuous communication use.  Ergonomic form factor, intuitive operation, and a rugged housing make the beltpack ideal for extended use.

  • 1.9 or 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Regular Version For most uses, has battery charging port
  • O2 Version IP65 rated, no charging port
  • Up to five communication routes per beltpack, each with a 5 or 10 character label
  • Four programmable pushbuttons, two rotary encoders and a reply button
  • Menu driven display, which can be partially or completely restricted
  • Secure system — beltpacks are registered to a particular base station or Matrix
  • Internal antenna — no antenna breakage or damage
  • Real-time monitoring of battery per beltpack
  • "Listen Again" audio memory to replay last 15 seconds of audio
  • Flash light on bottom (really!)
IncludesUSB Cable, Belt Clip
Suggested ItemsHeadset
IncludesUSB Cable, Belt Clip
Suggested ItemsHeadset
Box L x W x H1.5" x 3.75" x 5"
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  • Apr. 16th, 2020
Best practices from Clear-Com on how to sanitize their equipment.
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  • Mar. 29th, 2018
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