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Gripples are the fastest and easiest way to terminate wire rope or aircraft cable.  Instead of using Nicopress-style sleeves, a single Gripple can provide a secure, strong connection that is also fully adjustable.

While Gripples can be installed with no tools, a Gripple Key is required to make height adjustments or un-thread the aircraft cable.

  • Replaces a turnbuckle, multiple rope clips and soft metal sleeves
  • Requires only one Gripple per termination
  • Doesn't require wrenches or tools to install
  • Allows unlimited take up
  • Easy to tension and re-tension
  • Does not include Gripple Key
  • Properly installed Gripple Rope Grips provide approximately 85% of the nominal breaking strength of the steel cable to which they are applied.  To determine the actual holding strength of the Gripple, a pull test must be made.  this will determine if the Gripple is suitable for your application.  Use appropriate safety factor when calculating working load limit.  Gripple rope Grips are not to be used in a load lifting capacity.  Made in Sheffield , England.
  • WARNINGRigging requires a thorough knowledge of loading dynamics & design factors.  Improper installation or misapplication of a single product can lead to structural failure, bodily injury, or even death.
    When planning a rigging project, we strongly recommend that purchasers use an experienced ETCP rigging technician, and/or personnel meeting the OSHA "competent person" standard.
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