Hui Cyc Light

$530.00 each

A very economical cyc light for low ceiling and limited power situations.  Enhanced safety features make it particularly attractive to schools.  The Hui Cyc delivers seamless blending of one beam to the next in a visually even, controlled wash with no distracting or unwanted spill light.  It is suitable for lighting cycs and back cloths up to 20' high for permanent or temporary applications.

The unique dual chamber airflow design uses a temperature differential and rapid airflow to quickly remove heat which maximizes and extends the life of your color filters.  The Selecon color frame gently clamps the plastic filter while holding the frame away from the luminaire body to reduce (-20°C) the transference of the heat from the luminaire into the frame and plastic filter.  Based on anecdotal evidence, this heat exhaust system together with the clamp filter holder delivers up to 50%-70% longer filter life compared to other open-faced cyc floods of comparative wattage.

  • Rated for 1000 watts
  • R7s-12 Recessed Single Contact Base
  • Filter life is maximized by the dual air-flow chamber construction
  • Standard integral safety glass adds additional safety features to this fixture
  • In the unlikely event of a lamp exploding the safety glass ensures that any remains are contained within the fixture
  • Integral micro-switch provides automatic disconnection of power to the fixture when opening to relamp, preventing a student or technician inserting a lamp into an electrically live fixture
  • 36" Bare-end Leads (connector not included)
Includes8" x 10.43" Color Frame, C-Clamp, and Integrated Safety Cable
Light SourceTungsten
Fixture ControlMains Dimmable
WiringBare Ends
Fixture TypeBatten / Strip / Cyc
ApplicationStage - Portable
Includes8" x 10.43" Color Frame, C-Clamp, and Integrated Safety Cable
  • 121.99
  • 10-2011
  • Apr. 13th, 2018
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