MPA Turn-Key Outdoor Mobile PA System

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MPA Turn-Key Outdoor Mobile PA System
MPA Turn-Key Outdoor Mobile PA System

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    Technomad Turnkey PA systems are ideal for academic applications, event audio, sporting events, music playback, voice paging, and more.  All electronics are pre-wired and installed in a rugged fight case for secure transport or storage.  Because Technomad assembles and tests your system at the factory, all you have to do is plug the mixer and the amplifier into AC power and attach the loudspeaker cables to the loudspeakers.

    Audio quality is vastly better than horn systems or music-store PAs, with clear speech reproduction and high-fidelity music playback.  The sound is better than any outdoor audio system you've ever heard.  Speech is clear even at long distances, or in windy / noisy environments, and music sounds great, with detailed highs and deep bass.  The integrated mixer allows two mic-level and four line-level sources (such as a CD player, tape deck, or MP3 player) to be attached to the system.  Most people have their systems up and running in 15 minutes, even if they have no prior audio expertise.

    • Systems (Coverage is for speech applications at 85 dBa)
      • MPA1 Covers 200 people with a range of 100'.  2x Vienna Compact Weatherproof Speakers
      • MPA2 Covers 1000 people with a range of 300'.  2x Noho Tour Model Weatherproof Speakers
      • MPA3 Covers 2000 people with a range of 450'.  2x Berlin 15/H Tour Model Weatherproof Speakers
    • 2x Tripods
    • Technomad C050 or C100 Amplifier (can drive up to 6x speakers)
    • Technomad M1 6-channel Mixer (2 mic inputs, 4 line inputs)
    • Technomad 6-Space Rack
    • Switched Microphone with cable
    • 2x 50' Speaker Cables (12 gauge)
    • All necessary patch cords
    • Increase bass response with the optional Oslo Subwoofer Upgrade
    • Available in 12 custom color choices for an additional charge
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