Ovation ED-190WW LED Profile

$1,179.99 each
CHAUVET Professional

The Ovation ED-190WW ellipsoidal spot is a trailblazer, the first high-power LED based fixture that makes it possible to replace lamp-based ellipsoidals with LED fixtures that respond to traditional dimming systems.  Ovation ED-190WW is equally efficient running on constant power and DMX (as LED fixtures typically do), as it is when connected directly to a dimming power source.  Advanced onboard electronics automatically detect what type of power and data the fixture receives and it responds accordingly.  It performs as well as the original Ovation E-190WW with the same output and tremendous dimming performance.  Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of LED lighting without being held back by previous investments made in major dimming systems.

  • 3100K¹ Warm White (Tungsten) LED Array
  • 190W LED Engine
  • 100,000 hours life expectancy²
  • High CRI of 90
  • 16-bit DMX dimming resolution for smooth fades
  • Works perfectly on conventional dimmers or constant power with DMX
  • Works perfectly with industry standard lens tubes and accessories
  • Flat, even field of light
  • Virtually silent operation for use in any situation
  • 3-pin and 5-pin DMX In and Out
  • PowerCon Power Connector
  • ¹ 3076K color temperature at full, may vary with brightness
  • ² Chauvet: Using clustered LEDs at their fullest intensity significantly reduces the LEDs' lifespan.  Under normal conditions, this lifespan can be 90,000 to 100,000 hours.  If extended this lifespan is vital, lower the operating temperature by improving ventilation around the product and reducing the ambient temperature to an optimal operating range.  In addition, limiting the overall projection intensity may also help to extend the LEDs' lifespan.
    Musson's Take: Testing was not performed, but these fixtures are likely similar to other LED profiles (which have a L70 lifetime of 50,000 hours)
Includes5' Edison PowerCon Cable, Attached Shutter Barrel (no lens tube)
Suggested ItemsLens Tube, Clamp, Safety Cable, Gobo Holder
Light SourceLED
LED Array3000K - Warm White
Beam AngleNo Lens Tube
Fixture ControlDMX or Mains Dimmable
Fixture TypeHard-edged Profile
ApplicationStage - Portable
Includes5' Edison PowerCon Cable, Attached Shutter Barrel (no lens tube)
Suggested ItemsLens Tube, Clamp, Safety Cable, Gobo Holder
ManufacturerCHAUVET Professional
Box L x W x H21.5" x 15" x 15"
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