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Permacolor Dichroic Filter

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Dichroic filters are durable glass color filters that transmit specific wavelengths of light and reflect the rest of the spectrum, rather than absorb it – which means colors that don't fade over time and increased light transmission compared to plastic color filters.  Manufactured using the highest quality coatings, Rosco Permacolor Dichroic Filters offer designers a long-life filter solution that is durable enough to withstand the extreme temperatures of moving-lights and architectural light fixtures.  Permacolor Dichroic Filters are available in a palette of 60 standard colors.

Instead of sourcing unwanted dichroics in bulk from industrial manufacturers, Rosco makes dichroic filters at their Round Rock, Texas facility.  Superior color consistency and repeatability means the filter you order today will match the same filter you receive a year from now — or ten years from now.  Selling off-loaded bulk dichroics doesn't allow for that kind of reliability.

The Permacolor palette of standard colors includes a large variety of saturated colors, as well as subtle, pale color-tints.  This engineered set of correction filters includes Neutral-Densities, CTOs, CTBs, and Minus Greens that precisely match industry standards for color-correcting light fixtures.  Whether you're looking for a permanent CTB filter for a broadcast studio, an accent filter to warm up an LED architectural fixture, or a vibrant blue filter to go inside the moving-lights you're about to send out on tour, Rosco Permacolor Dichroic Glass Filters offer a permanent color filter solution for any long-term project using high-temperature light fixtures.

  • Thickness 1.75mm ±0.2mm (1.1mm and 3.3mm also available)
  • Temperature Rating² 200°C continuous, 450°C short-term (< 1 hour)
  • Life expectancy of 10 years under normal conditions³
  • Don't see your size listed?  Custom sizes up to 13.5" round or 9.5" square are available.  Contact us for a custom quote.
  • Custom colors may also be available, especially if you're trying to match a certain Rosco gel color.  Let us know what you're looking for.
  • Permacolor filters are not recommended in fixtures¹ with a field angle greater than 40°.
  • Not for use as a safety glass.  While high heat resistant, is not tempered or chemically treated.
  • ¹ Fixtures with beam spreads wider than 45° may exhibit color shifting at the periphery of the beam.  The wider the beam spread, the more significant the color shift will be.  This shift on the periphery can be alleviated with use of a donut, black foil, or use of a bezel.  This color shift is cosmetic only, and will not otherwise affect the performance of the filter.
  • ² Dichroic filters are rated for continuous exposure to 200°C and short term (under 1 hour) exposure to 450°C temperatures.  A combination of factors such as lamp type, reflector type, reflector design, and position of the filter within the optical system determine the temperature of the filter.  Refer to the luminaire manufacturer's specifications for temperature measurements or perform your own tests as needed.
  • ³ Long term exposure to high humidity or high temperature environments, may cause color shifts of ±5 nm.
IncludesDichroic Filter
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IncludesDichroic Filter
Suggested ItemsPermacolor Frame with Safety Grid
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