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PowerCon True1 Tee

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Lex Products
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Provides a single power circuit for convenient connection points in a portable configuration.  The plug-and-play topology eliminates the hard-wiring of boxes on fixed distances between devices.  Ideal for placement on suspended pipes over the stage and on catwalks over the audience.  Devices are configurable through the selection of cable length and connectors used.  Constructed out of 12/3 SJO cable with a flexible strain relief junction.

  • Choice of Connector on 18" Pigtail
  • PowerCon True1 Male/Female connectors for power in/thru
  • Provides clean, no-clutter cable runs
  • Color:  Black
  • No inline breakers or fuses.  Does not prevent overloaded circuits.  End-user responsible for all use and meeting all electrical codes.  When in doubt, seek an ETCP-certified electrician.
Suggested ItemsPowerCon True1 Extension Cable
Suggested ItemsPowerCon True1 Extension Cable
ManufacturerLex Products
Our SKUA5039
  • 487.09
  • Mar. 9th, 2020
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