Qu Series Digital Mixing Console

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Allen & Heath

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Massive processing power and advanced functionality counts for nothing if you can't access the controls you need in a heartbeat.  The Qu Series has a fader per mono input channel and fewer fader layers for simpler, quicker workflow.  Because every mic input is presented on its own fader for fast, easy control, this makes it the perfect mixer for first-time converts from analogue to digital and those not comfortable working with several layers of faders.

The color touchscreen and its dedicated rotary encoder form the heart of the Qu Series interface, providing super-fast access to all settings and parameters.  Dedicated keys and screen tabs quickly guide you to meter and RTA views, FX racks, channel processing, USB audio control, scenes, setup menus and much more.  Complementing the touchscreen is the SuperStrip – a set of single-function physical controls for instant access to gain, HPF, 4 band PEQ, gate, compressor, GEQ and pan.

Mic Preamps162432
Mono Mix Outputs444
Stereo Mix Outputs468
Stereo Matrix Outputsn/a22
  • Qu-Drive An integrated USB multitrack interface allows for recording to a USB drive or a Mac/PC
  • Automatic Mic Mixer Helps the operator manage large numbers of open microphones with industry standard algorithms, set priority per channel
  • dSNAKE A digital CAT5 snake using Remote AudioRack devices for I/O  (does not add channels to mixer, either local/dSNAKE per channel)
  • Up to 32 channel faders + 1 master fader
  • 3 Fader Layers – inputs / outputs / custom
  • Up to 7" touchscreen with dedicated encoders for input processing
  • Up to 32 mono mic inputs + 3 stereo inputs
  • 4 mono mix outputs
  • Up to 7 stereo mix outputs
  • LR mix output
  • Up to 2 stereo matrix outputs
  • 4 built-in effects engines
  • 4 DCA Groups
  • 4 Mute Groups
  • User Permissions to restrict operator access
  • Range of Mobile Apps:
    • Qu-Pad For Console Operators & Engineers
    • Qu-You For on-stage talent to adjust their mix
    • Qu-Control For simple end-user control when tech staff aren't required
  • WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
  • The warning above is legally required, and does not indicate any product safety violations.  This warning is to inform the consumer of their right-to-know, read more on our overview page.
IncludesPower Cable
Suggested ItemsRemote AudioRack, CAT6 Ethercon Cable, LED Lamp
IncludesPower Cable
Suggested ItemsRemote AudioRack, CAT6 Ethercon Cable, LED Lamp
ManufacturerAllen & Heath
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