Que-Com Headset/Beltpack Combo

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  • Feb. 10th — Lead time on shipping Analog/Partyline ClearCom products is estimated at 16-18 weeks *  once the factory is given an order (which will also secure your place in line).

    This longer than normal lead time is a result of the global chip shortage, and affects all manufacturers.  Clear-Com is constantly working to source new components.  Unfortunately, the underlying chip shortage is likely to continue into 2023.  While we all hope its resolved sooner, we encourage customers to plan for extended lead times.
  • * Due to the rapidly changing situation, lead time can change within hours of an update.  Sometimes it can be extended due to supply chain issues like delayed/missing packages of critical parts.

Que-Com is Clear-Com's most economical intercom system, and perfect for small schools and venues.  Unlike most intercom systems, Que-Com has a combined headset/beltpack unit.  This results in a lower overall cost, but does not allow you to change headsets at a later date.

  • Combined Headset/Beltpack (hardwired)
  • Optional SP-3 cable to use multiple headsets on a single line
  • Single 3-pin Female XLR connector
  • Single ear design  (Enclosed)
  • 241 grams (headset only)
  • Talk/Listen only, does not support call buttons or remote mic kill
  • Please note that in order to have a fully functioning intercom system you also need the PK-7 power supply.
Suggested ItemsPK-7 Power Supply
Suggested ItemsPK-7 Power Supply
Model #SMQ-1
Box L x W x H10.43" x 4.8" x 13"
  • 1,020.31
  • 03-2020
  • Apr. 16th, 2020
Best practices from Clear-Com on how to sanitize their equipment.
  • 754.03
  • Mar. 29th, 2018
  • 6.30
  • v.4_5/17
  • Mar. 29th, 2018
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